Welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!

I invite you to read about my therapeutic approach and clinical experience.  I hope it will help you decide if working with me feels like a good fit for your needs. When we feel seen and valued for who we truly are, we can reach our greatest potential. Therapy can help with this.

So how does this translate into therapy with me?

margaret-c03bTogether we will be co-creating a safe place where there is room for any and all feelings, beliefs, and thoughts to emerge.  I work in a no-shame zone of ongoing support and warm curiosity. We will learn about patterns, thoughts, feelings, triggers, stories, and behaviors that shape the way you see yourself and your world.  We will share warm moments together, and acknowledge every small step of awareness and growth together.

We will integrate tools that allow you to know even more about yourself so you can begin to choose rather than react how you respond to life in any given situation or relationship.

As we investigate current ways of being in the world and in relationship, and as new tools are practiced, more authentic ways of responding in the world will naturally begin to emerge.  When that happens, your needs can be better met and life can begin to be experienced in more heartfelt and satisfying ways.

“We either step forward into growth or we step backward into safety.”  ~Abraham Maslow