“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”  ~ Brené Brown 

Margaret PetersenI am a marriage and family therapist (MFC 50231), licensed by the state of California, with a wealth of clinical experience and a rich psychotherapeutic personal journey.

Prior to being licensed in California as a therapist, I worked in the field of counseling and allied health for 16 years in hospitals, clinics, and medical research settings. I supported individuals who had sustained traumatic brain injuries, burn victims needing critical care in hospital settings, chronic pain patients, and veterans dealing with post traumatic stress and trauma. The privilege of connecting with such a range of clients with diverse clinical issues led me to my passion today of dedicating myself to relationships as a primary focus.

Since 2006 I have specialized in working with individuals, couples, and families who are seeking more connected relationships, how to get unstuck, and greater understanding as to how past events have impacted their relationships in the world.  I have found that relational therapy, hands-on tools, emotionally focused therapy, and nonstop support has a powerful impact in helping people work through many different kinds of challenges.

When not providing psychotherapy and consultation I can be found reading the latest research and attending trainings related to couples counseling.  I frequently take part in mindfulness and personal development workshops so that I can continue to gain more awareness, knowledge, and resources to share with my clients.  Spending  time with my family and friends is my go-to for charging my battery, and I love all outdoor excursions on bike or foot.

I live in the Pleasanton area with my  husband and partner of  30 years.  We have a son and a daughter who are launching in the world right now in authentic and heartfelt ways.  Parenting has been a pivotal part of my past 27 years of ongoing growth and development.  My preferred pronouns for myself are “she” and “her.”

For now I’d like to leave you with the message that you are entitled to a life that is rich with possibilities, secure with connected relationships, and filled with nonstop authenticity.  I trust you will find your way to a life that supports you in the best ways possible.

Feel free to call me at 925.520.5263 or email me at margaret@theheartdistinction.com to see if we might be a good fit together.  I look forward to hearing from you.