“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard”
~ Anne Sexton
Therapy is a place for you to tend to your deepest self each week.  It’s a way to take a deep breath, gain valuable awareness, and learn about some patterns that you may be aware of, but aren’t sure what to do with.
With seasoned expertise I can help you understand yourself more deeply, make better decisions, set boundaries with people, feel more self-acceptance, and find deeper satisfaction in your relationships and with your self.  Let’s work together so you can move forward to create a life filled with nonstop authenticity and connections with others that truly work.

Individual therapy can be a way out of feeling stuck in patterns that just aren’t going away.  Some of the challenges I help people with include:

  • relationships
  • communication
  • work and employment
  • grief and loss
  • parenting
  • obsessive compulsive traits
  • anxiety and panic
  • depression or fatigue
  • substance abuse, addiction, recovery
  • spirituality
  • gender and sexuality
  • transitions
  • trauma and PTSD
  • setting boundaries
  • life choice issues

My clients often remark that having the support to see issues from different perspectives opens the door to new ways of being in the world. Then, armed with newfound tools, new knowledge, and keen awareness, they begin to create a life that works on many levels. And what a relief that can be.

What is working with me like?

Together each week we will be creating a safe place where there is room for any and all feelings, beliefs, and thoughts to emerge. I work in a no-shame zone of ongoing support and warm curiosity. I am active and engaged as your guide.

We will quickly learn about  patterns, thoughts, triggers, feelings, stories, and behaviors that shape the way you see the world.  When you are up against parts that feel painful or even traumatizing to touch, it will be grounding to have seasoned support and guidance every step of the way. We will integrate and actively use new tools that allow you to learn even more about yourself. We will work as a team, and there will be some laughter and joy as your authentic awareness grows, discoveries are made, and changes begin to take shape. I can help you with your short term issues, or  be right by your side in your longer process of personal growth.

As current ways of reacting to the world are gently and carefully investigated, as you begin to slow way down and notice more, naturally authentic ways of responding in the world will begin to emerge, and life can begin to be experienced in more heartfelt and satisfying ways.

No matter the problems life has presented, my clients say they find my approach warm, engaging, and effective.  Helping people create lives that work better is a true passion of mine.

Ready to make some positive changes in your life?  Therapy is an investment in you and all the many relationships in your life.  I am enthusiastic about helping my clients resolve issues as quickly as possible.  It is always important to find a therapist you feel safe and comfortable with and who has seasoned expertise in what you are seeking help for. 
I invite you to learn a bit about my style and my approach from this website.  More importantly, I welcome you to give me a call at 925.520.5263 or email me to see if we might be a good fit together for your concerns.  I’m here, and I care.
“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”  ~Bruce Lipton